Controls: arrow keys
Playtime: 15 minutes to reach all the possible finales

There are multiple finales, BUT only three are the real possible finales (or not?)

The game Matrix? is a small prototype I made for experimenting with narrative design and multiple endings.
Let me know what you think about the game, and tell me if I correctly guessed your decisions! 

The first dialog is a quote from the movie The Matrix.
Made with Bitsy.
Music made by Fabrizio Perrone and add to the game with bitsy-audio.
Cover made using bitsy-image-converter


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"What's happened, by the way" indeed, but what a diverting and atmospheric little experience!

I got alternate then red then blue final endings - and somewhere in there a 10 minute tangent translating the hex code heh

(The only thing that ran slightly out of order the way I played it was that I first tried to exit the room in all directions without talking to anyone, so I got "Why did you take pills from a stranger" when I hadn't exactly ... knowingly anyway .. maybe that's also the point..?)

Well, I’m happy you liked the experience. :) Anyway, yes, this is good feedback. I can easily improve the experience to let the player that is going to choose the Red or the Blue pill even when he talks to nobody. :)

Thank you for playing! <3