Live the story of Andrew the globin and find your finale. Or play around multiple times and see them all! Let me know with a comment if you enjoyed the gamer or change something to make it better!

It was made with the Bitsy Engine, for the Goblins jam!

Controls: move with arrow keys

If you like to explore with some help, here's a list of all the possible finale.
Be aware that multiple paths can lead to the same finale, though.

1)  Code: azocoh Name: EATEN ALIVE 
2)  Code: ureqen Name: KILLER 
3)  Code: efagiw Name: RONIN 
4)  Code: azacud Name: GOOD CHIEF 
5)  Code: uhacor Name: TYRANT 
7)  Code: ijupej Name: MAKING EVERYTHIN WORST 
8)  Code: atenix Name: GOOD ZOUP 
9)  Code: ijenoc Name: STATUS QUO 
10) Code: uxavoc Name: FRIEND OF THE ENEMY 
11) Code: edifor Name: MASKED HERO 
12) Code: abapud Name: THE RESISTENCE 
13) Code: enozax Name: ESCAPED 
14) Code: arusep Name: SLAVERY 
15) Code: omepep Name: ORK BED 
16) Code: uqakoy Name: GOBLIN ASYLUM
17) Code: inameg Name: DIVINITY 
18) Code: apumeb Name: MERCHANT LIFE

Credits: Music by Fabrizio Perrone added with bitsy-audio


Development log


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This is very fun and expansive. There are a few times where the exits confused me, but I see you have bigger plans. I’m excited to explore this little world again.

Yeah, I rushed the release to hit the jam deadline. So I only make sure that every finale was reachable. But I already add time to make everything more polished, fortunately. :)

So, for the moment, thank you very much for passing by and play the game and I will be delighted if you will play it again in its “final form! :)